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Sugar free tomato sauce


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With 100% Virgin Olive Oil

100% natural tomato, olive oil, salt, garlic and liquid sweeteners (E954) (E952) (E202).

Nutritional information
Average value per 100 gr of product
- Energy value: 155 Kcal
- Carbohydrates: 5.8%
- Fat: 13.7%
Rich in Lycopene: powerful antioxidant with known antiaging properties
Percentage of fat in balance with a Mediterranean diet: 15% saturated, 85% unsaturated
(78% monounsaturated and 7% polyunsaturated).

Kikí Recipe
Veal Scallopini
Pan fry veal fillets and add Kikí Style tomato sauce.
Ready in 10 minutes.

Gross weight of the jar570 gr
Net Weight Jar350 gr
Gross Weight Box 12 jars7 kg
Palletizing(Palet Europeo 120x80) 12 cajas de base x 12 cajas de altura Total 144 cajas

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Sugar free tomato sauce

Sugar free tomato sauce

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